Login alert by e-mail


This is a plugin for WordPress websites that sends email notifications to the website admin for successful and failed login attempts. The email includes details like the username, IP address, and browser information.


Geek description:

This WordPress plugin sends email notifications upon successful and failed logins to the website’s admin. The plugin functions by hooking into the ‘wp_login’ and ‘wp_login_failed’ WordPress actions, and triggering the ‘send_login_notification’ and ‘send_login_failed_notification’ functions respectively.

The ‘send_login_notification’ function sends an email to the admin email address specified in the ‘admin_email’ option. The email includes details such as the successful login username, IP address, and browser information. The ‘send_login_failed_notification’ function sends a similar email to the admin, but for failed login attempts.

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The plugin uses the wp_mail function to send the emails, and the messages are formatted as HTML for easy readability. The plugin ensures that the data being displayed, such as the username and IP address, is escaped using PHP’s built-in escape functions. This is done to prevent potential security vulnerabilities, such as XSS (Cross-Site Scripting).

In summary, this plugin provides an easy way for website administrators to stay informed of user login activity on their site, while also ensuring that sensitive information is displayed securely.


More information and download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/login-alert-by-e-mail/

Support: mail@ruicruz.pt